About the Department of General History

Study the Past, Understand the Present, Impact the Future 

Human history is a massive and complex body of multifaceted knowledge. The study of history is a valuable tool for earning a profound understanding of human culture and developing analytic and critical thinking capabilities. By studying the past, we gain insight into the present and can better prepare for the future 

The Department of General History at Bar-Ilan University transforms academic studies of human history into a fascinating intellectual experience. Students study the history of the world, from Antiquity through the Middle Ages and the Early New Age, to the modern age of the 21st century.

Our faculty is known for emphasizing personal attention and pleasant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere, making our department the best place for students to learn about the past and build their future.


Expanding Horizons and Personal Fields of Interest

The comprehensive range provided by our fundamental courses makes a solid foundation through which students can engage in selected issues. The Department of General History offers themed and focused clusters as early as the BA program, including law and justice in history; economics and history; military and civil history—war and peace; identities and cultures; and more.

Our faculty implement advanced teaching, interpretation, and research methods through which students learn to identify continuous change and development processes, recurring historic patterns, and revolutionary actions using primary resources and their interpretations. The archival assets and material findings provide a tangible experience and open a window into previous times, societies, and cultures. During their studies, the students practice research in archives, museums, and other databases, and enhance their skills of data and resource analysis.


History Across the Globe, from Any Angle

Students who choose to pursue advanced studies in our MA program and doctoral studies can hone their analytic and critical expertise with our faculty members’ personal and close instruction. They are versed in multidisciplinary research methods and theories and implement them through independent research while improving their oral and written expression skills. 

Our scholars’ diverse research fields translate to varied research branches and specializations, including unique academic programs in Israel such as the combined program for BA in law and MA in general history. We also recommend other research subjects, including history of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, history of the Cold War; political thought in Germany from the end of the 18th century; Nazism and the concentration camps; the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, antisemitism in Turkey; European history in the 20th century with an emphasis on Britain and Italy; cultural history of the Middle Ages, Jews and Christians in Latin Europe, social and economic history of the Low Countries; women’s history; gender and alcoholism in American history; the American presidency; a history of social fringes groups; magic and witchcraft; history of loan lenders; the great superpowers and the Middle East; geographical concepts in Greece and Rome and the ancient geographical narrative; Western military thinking, guerrillas and terrorism; history of American foreign policy, American military history; geo-politics and geo-strategy; the historical aspects of ancient philosophy works; cultural history of the Barbarian kingdoms in the West; peace processes among Christians and Muslims during the Crusades; diplomacy and non-verbal communication; application of the Jewish concept of Learning in modern communities; intellectual history of ancient Greece, and more.

Our graduates incorporate in the media and business sector, public service and diplomacy, the educational system, and many other vocational fields. In addition to their academic excellence, they bring a unique spirit which they absorbed in our department, where challenge, profoundness, and experience are intertwined.

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