Study programs

Structured double major

Structured combination of two majors, one in the history department and the other in one of the following departments: Jewish History, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, General Philosophy, Geography, Information Studies, Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Jewish Art, Sephardic and Oriental Jewries, multidisciplinary BA studies in the Humanities, Political Studies.

This program is intended for students interested in studying in two departments as a major subject, with studies in both departments at a scope of– 25-26 annual hours in each department.

Unstructured double major

Unstructured combination of two majors, one in the history department and the other in another department. Students will study at a scope of 28 annual hours in each department.


The study program consists of:

  • Basic courses – must be studied in the first year. Each course is comprised of a lecture and linked exercise – totaling 3 annual hours, and auxiliary courses, which must be taken in the first year. The course "History of Political Ideas" can also be taken in the Political Studies Department; students, studying in both departments, who choose to do so will take an additional elective course at a scope of 2 annual hours in the History Department.
  • Elective courses: lecture courses with final exams; and pro-seminars – with essays to be submitted. Their number is determined based by track requirements.
  • Extra-departmental courses – some track require courses from other departments.
  • Seminars – these are studied in the third year, and require the preparation of a seminar paper. Participation in seminars is conditional on receiving a passing grade in all the basic and auxiliary courses.
  • All the students are required to study a Jewish History course.