Religions Facing Critical Challenges along the Ages


“Religions Facing Critical Challenges along the Ages”

Year/semester: 2017, spring semester (12-17/7/2017)

Course number: 18-613-01 Scope: 2 weekly hours Credit: 1 point


In times when religions are conceived mainly as hostile to each other, this workshop is aimed to highlight significant moments in history in which the three monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism confronted common challenges, triggering, in many cases, parallel responses and even joint intellectual activity, based on explicit or implicit exchange of ideas. Among the subjects that will be studied in the workshop are, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the challenge of medieval Aristotelianism; the challenge of Enlightenment and nationalism; religions and secularism; and the contemporary challenge of interreligious dialogue. It is hoped that understanding the common past would enhance a greater understanding for future cooperation.

The workshop [12-17 July 2017] includes lectures by members of the department of History in Bar Ilan and by visiting scholars from Israeli and non-Israeli universities and educational tours. It is part of the activities of an international research group, established by the Kenan institute of Ethics in Duke University, the faculty of theology in Leipzig university and the department of history, Bar Ilan university; students from the three institutions are invited to participate.

The course will include field tours to an Anthroposophic village a Jewish Arab interfaith school.

Israeli students with proficiency in English, and background in religious studies are invited to apply.

For further information and registration, please write to Ms. Revital Yitzhaki